String to Date&Time

I’m starter to use Knime. How to convert string to date&time?

I tried String to Date&Time, but doesn’t work. thanks.


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You can use the String Manipulation node to join the columns together to one larger string including the date and time separators, which can then be transformed by the String to Date&Time node (I assumed you have read in the data from Excel already).

I attached you a small workflow demonstrating how to do it
DateAndTimeFromStringColumns.knwf (8.4 KB)

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Complementary to @Alice_Krebs solution, you can find here a workflow that shows how to do this operation backwards and forward, and that handles the case were the date & time fields are not represented by two digits but just one:

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Hi @Alice_Krebs , thanks for your reply. Your workflow is OK, but strange result confuses me. Previous same time appears different. Why it happens? I need to delete the second same “GR Number” in the column, only preserve the first line. How to proceed? thanks.

Try the Duplicate Row Filter.

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although it appears all “13:00:00”, but they’re different at about 8 digit, very tiny difference.

Filter on the GR Number.

@My_Rebecca you could take a look at this article:

If it is a more complicated task of de-duplications window functions are one option:

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