String to Duration fails


I am trying to convert string from CSV to duration but got “Text cannot be parsed to a duration” error. I have no idea what could be done to fix it. String to Duration doesn’t give even a possibility to tell the format. How to get the conversion succeed? Attached is the CSV and the workflow.

Activities (5).csv (6.7 KB)
Garmin data processing.knwf (12.9 KB)

Hi @J_C welcome to KNIME Forum

To convert your string e.g. 01:16:04 you have to change it to the proper format. See the node description (help).

Your data has to be in the format like this

gr. Hans


Hello @J_C,

To achieve the conversion of time values duration format in KNIME, please refer to the attached images for a step-by-step guide:

Screenshot 2024-02-02 093938


Screenshot 2024-02-02 094100


Thank you so much for help! Is there an easy way to do the same conversion for multiple columns or do I need to make some kind of loop arrangement?

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