String to individual characters

Sorry this is probably a newbie question, but I want to convert a String cell column into a series of new columns each containing only one character from that cell.  Is there an easy way to do this e.g. with the String Manipulation node?

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Hi Alastair,

   I think the best option is creating a collection from the string and use the Split Collection Column node to create the columns.

   To do the first procedure I would use a Java Snippet node and depending on the expected input (like exotic -from the European perspective- languages might require codepoints instead of characters) create a String array with the characters in it and return it.

    The basic code would look like this (not tested):

char[] chs = input.toCharArray();
/*String[]*/ result = new String[chs.length];
for (int i = chs.length; i-->0;) {
   result[i] = new String(chs[i]);

Cheers, gabor

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Providing I am understanding correctly what about the Cell Splitter by position node