String to number - comma separator

Hi friends

I would like some help.
I have a column, that I have read from a CSV file.
On my CSV node, into the “transformation” tab, I always set the column with a String to change later.

I’m from Brazil and the number decimal’s separator is comma “,” and the thousands is “dot” “.”.

In my example, the column is a String, and the first number is 145.543,00 ( 145 thousands and 543 hundred)

Then I use, the string to number node and set the parameters, like this:

The problem is that the result is wrong.

What I’m doing wrong, and what I have to do for the results be like: 145,543,00 ?(I know that the visualization will show with to commas), and if I use an excel writer it will show the right value)*

Hi @Felipereis50

The conversion sounds right to me. The visualisation cannot be 145,543,00 but should be 145,543. Knime does not show any decimal that is not significant after the decimal dot, nor the decimal dot if it is not relevant for the number, as it is the case here.

If you click right with the mouse on the column name, you can chose the rendering. If you chose full precision, the value should show correct.

Hope this helps.

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Hi friend.

you are perfectly correct.
My fault is not having exported the file.

It was just the screen view, just like you described.

Thank youuuuu

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My pleasure to help and thanks @Felipereis50
for validating the solution.


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