String to Number (SAP format)

Hello. It has an extract from the SAP system and negative values ​​are shown differently than normal.
A negative value is like this “136141.60-”
See that the negative sign appears at the end.

The column used is as a String and I need to convert it to a number.

In Power Query, I can change the column type to number and the system automatically identifies it and changes the value to “-136141.60”.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Hello Felipereis50,

maybe you can try something like this:

Tell me if it works!

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Hi Lelloba,

Did you do this for me?

of course it worked.
I will use this formula.

(Now you’re screwed 'cause I’ll always ask you for help)

Thanks a lot for the help friend.


Maybe there is a smarter way to do this, but this solution is the simplest I could imagine.
No worries for the help :slight_smile:

Have a nice day,

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