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Hello everyone,
I’m a realtive Knime beginner and I have a problem I’m stuck with for days.

I have imported a xls file with the reader node which worked. Now i need to divide the numbers in a column by 10.

Math formula node does not work, because the colums cannot be found in the column list so I suppose i need to execute the node string to number. This node does not work, the default message is “Could not parse cell with value ‘MeaValue’ (RowKey: Row0, Position: 1)”

If I check the transformed input, it looks like it chose only the first row but not the rest.

Could somebody please help me how to fix the problem?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi @Veronika_Eder12

In de XLS Reader node. There is the option: *Table contains column names in row number. I think this will help you to get a good looking table and use the math-formula without a problem.
Hope this helps.


HansS is correct.

If you’re a beginner, here’s the algorithms to using the app.

open the configuration again.

Find “Table contains columns names in row number:”

It will native not be checked. After you check it, click OK.

Execute your workflow again.

This helps you avoid having to handle Col0 = RecNo, Col1 won’t have a null value, Col2 will not have Weight. Your Col3 will become a Time and NDate may need some love.

You will want to put those together as a datetime I expect.

How’s it going with the date time fields after this?



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