String to Path "location_spec" variable

Hi all,

I have a specific question regarding the String to Path node (either the Variable or non-Variable type). The “File system” section of this node enables to set a specific mountpoint, but I would like to change that depending on the user’s component configuration input, which will be a String.

There is a specific type of flow variable that is used in this case, called “location_spec” of type “v”, indicating the specified mountpoint:


I am curious to how I can create this flow variable type myself. I am not able to use the Variable Expressions node to create such a variable type.

Hope you can help me, and thanks in advance!


I actually found a workaround (which I bet is the way to do it): in the “KNIME Mountpoint Connector” node you can use a String flow variable to specify a certain mountpoint to connect to. With the String to Path node you can then enable a file system connection input port by clicking the … on the node’s icon. Connecting this to the KNIME Mountpoint Connector takes away my issue :slight_smile:



Thanks for posting your solution!

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