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I’m working on a text mining project to analyse some newspaper articles and I struggel with the String To Document node. In the configuration, can I select the title column and the text column. What I don’t understand is why in the new output column “Document” is only contained the text from the title variable?

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Hi @Pancho8,

the Strings To Document node converts the data into a column that is using the Document data type.
This data type only exposes the title in the table and “hides” the remaining data. So no need to worry, everything else is still there but hidden.
You can, for example, use a Document Viewer node to view the documents or use a Document Data Extractor to turn the contents and meta information of a document back in to String columns.

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Hi Julian

Thank you very much for your support. Now it’s clear what happend in Document column. And your input about the node Document Viewer is very helpful!

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