Structural Equation Modelling or Latent Class Analysis in Knime

Is there a way to perform Structural Equation Modelling or Latent Class Analysis in Knime? For  the sake of clarity, Structural Equation Modelling and Latent Class Analysis are both techniques to investigate the structure of questionnaires and surveys and the relationship between the concepts behind the questions.

Does anyone have any experience in performing these techniques in Knime?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Wim,

no we don't have dedicated nodes for this. But you could use our R nodes or Python nodes together with librarys (if there are any) for those tasks.

Best, Iris

Aaaaaand I’ve come to state interest in the discussion. No Python module as of yet.

Hello there,

here is a overview of Structural Equation Modelling with together with Python and R example:

And seems there are couple of different algorithms to perform LCA in R: