Structure size in PDF report

Specifying a size for the structures in a PDF report does not seem to function. The structures always come back the same. The HTML report does respond to this change.


In my workflow everything works fine. I can specify the image size for structure images in PDF reports and both methods ("scale to size" and "paint to size") are doing their job properly.
I'm using smiles data then i convert this data to a CDK structure representation ("SMILES to CDK" node) the "2D Coordinates" node creates the structure images which can be integrated into the PDF report.

Can you reproduce the behaviour of the PDF report node ?
Which data are you using ?
Which node do you use to create the images ?

- Kilian

The effect that I see is reproducible and happens with any dataset that I've used. Essentially what I'm seeing is this - the size of a data cell within the table generated appears to be unchangeable and dependent upon the number of columns in the generated table. I can adjust details of the structure size within that cell, but the structure is confined to the size of the cell. If I have a table with only 3 column (structure + two properties), the size of a cell in the table is large enough that I can see the structure. Further, the scale/paint options appear to work as expected. If, however, I have a table with 8 columns (structure + 7 data columns), again each cell is of a fixed size and is now much smaller due to the increased number of columns. As a result the structures are too small to be visible.

Adjusting the "structure size" only has an effect on the structure size confined within the size of the table cell. If the table cell is relatively small, the structures will inherently be small and I have no control to make them large enough to be visible in the PDF report.


OK this is right, the size of a PDF report page is restricted to DIN A4. If you are using too many columns the image size settings is ignored due to the restricted size.
I'll check out if it is possible to change the PDF report page size.

It appears that the table in a PDF report fills the page and the size of each individual column is merely (table_width)/number of columns. In my cases I find that a column could be reduced in width as its contents are always small, which would allow more room for other columns. Splitting the table across pages would be acceptable, too.