subcategory in x axis in bar chart

dear team

I am struggling with two problems in my report, where I want to use a bar plit:

  1. how can I define subactegories on the x.axis (e.g. i would like to show the year first, divided in months)
  2. I managed to fill the value Y-series, but I cannot change the names (Series 1, Series 2…). By default I would like to column titles here (which then I could modify sligthly)

thanks in advance

Hello @ankron -

I took a look at whether this is possible in BIRT. I think it may be, but it will require some rather tedious scripting. In this case it might instead be easier to generate a bar chart in KNIME using the Bar Chart (JavaScript) node, and then pass that image to BIRT using the Image to Report node.