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Hi all,
I’m using Knime for some tasks instead of excel,

I have a table with
Supplier1| 1
Supplier1| 1
Supplier1| 4
Supplier1| 3
Supplier2| 2
Supplier2| 4
Supplier2| 3
Supplier3| 6
Supplier1| 4

I need that Knime make subtotal
Supplier1| the sum of each supplier1 rows
Supplier2| the sum of each supplier2 rows
Supplier3| the sum of each supplier3 rows

how can I solve?

thanks in advance for your support

Hi @Pasquale_p

That is the way to go :slight_smile:

For this use the GroupBy node, where SUPPLIER is Group column(s) and BOX to do the Manual Aggregation (sum). Make sure BOX is not defined as a string.

Happy KNIMEing

gr. Hans

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@Pasquale_p For me i would have used Groupby Node too

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