subtract columns from 2 different nodes

Hi Knime Fam,

I have a workflow, which has consists of 2 different nodes with varying column names.

I need to get the difference of the columns present in both nodes.

Eg. node1-AHT - node2-AHT
here AHT is the name of the column.

I have attached the workflow and also some sample data.
Please feel free to throw some ideas.

KNIME_variance.knwf (135.7 KB) test.xlsx (1.2 MB)

Thank you.


Hi @parthak

I added a Table Row To Variable to your workflow. so the info from the top table are available for the calculation with the Math Forumula node on the bottom table.
KNIME_project2.knwf (140.6 KB)
Screenshot from 2020-10-14 20-49-12
Is this where you are looking for.
gr. Hans

Hi @HansS

Thank you for the prompt reply.
This looks like 1 way to do it, but i need to recreate this for all columns in both the nodes.

Is there a way to automate this in such a way that, it will pick out columns from the top and the bottom nodes and calculate without manual input, ie inside the math node

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Hi parthak,
what about this?

KNIME_variance.knwf (2.6 MB)


Hi @parthak

I added some more nodes to your wf KNIME_project3.knwf (2.4 MB) , and now it calculates the difference from every record in the bottom column with the ‘constant’ from the top column within a Column List Loop. So it is automated over every column. Hope this helps.
gr. Hans

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