Subtraction in more than one row

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There are 2 different sheets in an excel file. I want to operate between the corresponding values. And how can i write it as a single list?

98,9 - 97,9
19,7 - 18,7

I appreciate any comment

Hi @FurkanA

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See this wf 2-tables.knwf (74.7 KB)

The first branch creates a List, the second branches gives you the oppertunity to do some math.
gr. Hans


Hi @FurkanA , here’s my proposed solution. Please find the workflow attached below:
Subtraction Solution.knwf (46.1 KB)

If both of your sheets are always 10x10 in dimension, this is my proposed solution. All you need to do is copy and paste the values from your sheets. Node 28 represents minuent values while Node 29 represents subtrahend values.

If your sheets change in dimensions from time to time, you’ll need to do some adjustments, or you can look at the other solutions proposed by Hans and possibly others too.

Note: By default, row number/row ID value in KNIME starts with 0 instead 1, just so you don’t get confused.


Hi @HansS ,

Thanks for your quick response. I can also use this wf for different needs.

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Hi @badger101 ,

Thanks for your solution. This solution is more understandable for me as I have just started to learn Knime.

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Here is my solution


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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your solution. Does ‘Python Script node’ also allow calculation for unique values?


55 500 224 224
30 3325 34 32
353 32 422 24
33.5 555 442 30
13 53 343 224
32 353 1 3325
224 43 4 32

55*32+3325-4 ?

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