Suddenly my nodes are not loaded


I wrote several new nodes for KNIME according to the documentation provided on

I exported the nodes into a jar file and put that into the plugin folder of my KNIME installation.

The nodes were recognized and nicely displayed in the gui.

I repeated the export several times because I had to correct the code of the nodes. Each time I increased the version number of the plugin.

However: Today I fixed some bugs and exported a new jar file to the plugin folder which is no longer recognized by KNIME! There is no error message on startup or in the log that seems related to my problem.

Does anyone know how to get KNIME to load my plugin again?

Thanks for your time


Hart to say, because usually you would increase the plugin version number which result into a new version that is picked up the system. If you want to create your own extension, we recommend defining a feature and an update site as separate projects in the KNIME SDK. This update site is then imported via the usual update mechanism. Hope this helps.

If a plug-in cannot be loaded at all you may find information in .metadata/.log.

Thank you for your replies.

I eventually fixed this by starting knime with “-clean” a few times although I am not sure if that really was the thing that fixed it. :slight_smile:

If it happens again I’ll take a look at .metadata/.log. I did not know about that folder yet.