Suggestions as to how to best achieve this

Hi Folks,

So picking up on my pet project again, where this was last left was waiting on Knime Dev to resolve the time to process issues around several nodes that made the attached portion of a component take several magnitudes longer than expected (or comparable to Knime’s sibling Alteryx).

Aim: To create a node that will ingest fields from GA4 BQ schema where the returning value is a JSON. The JSON requires parsing into further fields.

It is unknown the number of fields that may be present as the schema for GA4 is open.

The attached does exactly that, however the current limitations make it unworkable.

If you have access to a GA4 BQ, the idea is to do a select * from …
THe tool this component goes into, allows the user to make base selections of parent fields (such as event_params).

feed the resulting table into this:

help with this.knwf (295.2 KB)

Taking any suggestions as to how i might achieve the same, but faster output, and do it in a way which i can easily share the component though hub. (i.e. dependencies, if any, are easy to install for the end user).

much thanks to you all in advance.