Suggestions for data input by users and data validation


I’m currently working on a non profit project where multiple (>50) of their partners have to be able to upload data themselves.
What approach do you suggest for this?

One approach which requires Knime server for all end users would be to let them access the workflow and use the table creator nodes followed by data validation nodes. It does not seem practical for partners outside the organisation.

Another option would be to let them access small webapps (like “Analytical applications” in Alteryx) where small applications are made with radio buttons and dropdown menus can be used even if they do not have a license and where they would enter the data. I did not see the possibility to do this in Knime. (ie: node to create basic end user web applications).

The last alternative I identified is to let them fill Excel spreadsheets with a pre-defined format. These files would be placed on a FTP server by users and then fetched by Knime.

Am I missing other easy ways to let multiple end user upload data? (Preferably in a user friendly way).

Once the data is uploaded, for the data validation, I identified the following:

  • Table validator
  • Table validator (reference)
  • Row filters using RegEx.

Do you see other approaches to validate data?

In any case I haven’t found a way to communicate the result of the validation step to end users so that they can upload corrected data. Any idea is welcome.

Anyway thanks for your help!

Hi Bluena,
I think I understand your problem. You want users to be able to fill out some sort of application, have that data collected in aggregate, and then process it with KNIME, correct? If that is correct, I might suggest using a Google Form ( that you distribute to your users. Once your users submit the information in the form, the results are automatically saved to a Google Sheet. You could then use KNIME’s Google Sheet reader to gather the data and process it.

Hope that helps!