Sum 2 columns


Is there any way to make one column from 2 columns. So their values are just add to the new column with ‘-’ between them?

So I have a column with the year its all 2024 and there is a column which are the month and I want to merge that two columns and the merged column values should look like this : 2024-1

After that I need to put -1 to every cell in that column so at the end it should look like this: 2024-1-1

Here I want to merge the LETO and the MESEC column


Hi @domiterd,
there are multiple ways to solve it.
You can use e.g. string manipulation node with joinSep(“-”,$LETO$,$MESEC$)


I did it I made a Variable added as a new Column (so its a column with only 1) and with Column Combiner I set the delimator to ‘-’ , and added the Mesec,Leto, and the variable column. So I got 2024-1-1 at the end.


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