Sum amounts in row wise

How sum row wise is possible

Above attached is the screen shot of the requirement.

Hi Sujesh,
Yes, you can use the Column Aggregator for that.
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Hello @sujesh,

You can use the column aggregator node for this task.

For your reference, I have attached images of the workflow and its configuration.

Screenshot 2024-03-18 142558


Thank you @tqAkshay95 and @AlexanderFillbrunn for a quick reply.
@AlexanderFillbrunn please note that I cant create a table because the data file is in csv form and 12 files I have to analyze.

@tqAkshay95 . That option of sum is not available in the node used by me.

Hello @sujesh,

I think you have a data table with a string-type column .

First, you need to convert the string to a number (double).

For this, use the ‘String to Number’ node.


@tqAkshay95 , It worked thank you for the guidance. Is there any easier method to create 4 different columns in that file. I mean that I have to create 4 different column total amounts. So instead of adding 4 nodes for each column total any other easier alternative is available?

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@sujesh ,

Could you please share the expected output? What exactly are you looking for?

@tqAkshay95 , Thank you for the quick response, Please find the excel file, column AA,AB , AC and AD is computed by me. Figures in that columns is required as output.
purchases - Copy.xlsx (11.2 KB)
I deleted balance data due to confidentiality

@sujesh ,
You mean
Purchase @12.00 + Purchase @18.00 =Purchases
similarly for IGST and other columns


One more additional column
Please find the attached picture showing formula used in excel
for it