Sum of 2 Columns

Hello all,

i am looking for a node, which can do the following:

This table

123_Col_1 | 213_Col_1 | 123_Col_2
1 | 0 | 1
0 | 1 | 1

shall be the following

123_Col_1 | 213_Col_1
2 | 0
1 | 1

Is there a Node which can do this? maybe the Create Collection or sm ? or do i need the java snipet ?



Math Formula node, I think.

thx for the answer it works fine for 2 columns. but if i have for example 10 columns and 3 columns should be summed its very circular. … (i have to apologize because my question doesnt say any word about that)

is there an efficient way the sum more columns?



I never had that need myself, but i would imagine that workflow variables and loop support could do the trick for “dynamically wide” tables. Or the Java snippet node, of course, which is KNIMEr’s favourite… :wink:


i tried things like that, but my amateur Knowledge of KNIME is a restriction… . Thank u for the answer Ergonomist : ).

Maybe i work later on this problem