(Summarize Likert Scale Survey Result) How do I transpose multiple columns to rows and use the column value as pivot column?

I have a survey that asks: on a scale of 1 to 4, how likely are you to recommend a brand. The results are in a csv file where each column corresponds to each brand and rows for each respondent. It looks like this:

What I want is to summarize the result in a single table where the columns correspond to the scale, and the rows with the brands (see image below)


What I was trying to do is to use multiple pivot then join them, however it doesn’t appear to be the most efficient way of doing it since I have 20 question items and with at least 10 brands for each.

Do you have any recommended node/workflow to use for this? Thanks in advance!

Hi @gioeiron,

i think you need following steps

1st) unpivot your table (keeping the Respondent ID as retained column)
2nd) pivoting result (Grouping: ColumnNames, Pivot: ColumnValues, Aggregation: Count Respondent ID



Wow, it worked! thanks so much @morpheus!

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