Summarizing info in rows


I’m trying to get some info summarized in the same row.

I find it hard to explain with words, so I’m just sharing the example :sweat_smile:

This is what I have:

This is what I would like to have:

Note that I just want to keep in the first column the code that finish with letters, then, add a second column with the codes that do not finish with letters in order to have both Factura in the same row, taking into account the concepto column, whether it is Inspection o Delay. For example, if the code that does not finish with letters has inspection status, then I want the Factura value in the same row of the code that finish with letters with Inspection status.

As you can see, does not matter if I have to repeat the Factura values from the codes that finish with letters.

Hi @NathanDrake

See this wf summarizing_info_in_rows.knwf (28.4 KB). The RowSpliiter is configured in a basic way, it may need some attention depending on your data.

gr. Hans


Hi @HansS

Thank you for the example! The thing is that my table has over 50.000 rows, with the workflow you shared it would generate millions of rows on the cross joiner. Additionally, it would take half an hour to run the cross joiner node, and then the rule-based row filter would take hours, I had to cancel it.

I’ll try to deepen with the data I have and what I need.

I have two tables.

This is a small part of the first table I have:

This is a small part of the second table I have:

As you can see, the column Equipo has the same information on both, the column Cliente on the second table comes with a code before the name.

On the first table, the code that appears in the BLMaster column is the one I want to get in the BL2 column, and extend the code from that row that appears in the BL column the same on all the rows. Important to consider that the codes that I want to put in the BL2 column should match the concepto column of the first BL column. For example, looking at the second table, the first row OR the fifth row should be in the third row, because it matches the concepto column. Adding the BL2 and Factura 2 columns to keep the information.

As I said before, this is what I’m trying to get:

You might want to provide a sample so it is easier for people to help


Hello @NathanDrake
I gave this a try, you can find an alternative approach based in standard ‘Joiner’ node. Joiner can sometimes work as a focused ‘Cross Joiner’ with the right configuration.

20221210_summarizing_info_in_rows_v0.knwf (22.1 KB)



Hi @NathanDrake

As suggested by @Daniel_Weikert , it would definitely be better, for this type of question, to also post some data in a form that we can at least copy and paste. Ideally you would actually save us even copying/pasting by uploading the data in a sample workflow using Table Creators is ideal to give us the starting point.

The worst situation we face on the forum is when data is pasted purely as screenshots. It is great to have it included by way of explanation within the narrative but put yourself on the receiving end when you want to be able to help somebody but know you are faced with a laborious and onerous typing task before you can even start helping.

I know that the regulars on the forum often look like they can do everything with their eyes closed, but unless the solution is obvious, it is very unlikely that any of us will just innately know what to do without a little trial and error, and it wastes time typing it in. Many people who might otherwise be able to supply a solution simply won’t bother, or will not have the time, which is a shame.

I am slightly confused now though. Do you have one input table or two? On the face of it though, the solution from @gonhaddock in my view works well and I see it works on the basis of the single input table as per your original post. I’m sure the idea could be easily adapted if you actually have the two tables.

If you do need further assistance (e.g. with the two tables), then please do come back with further questions, (but with some sample data for us :wink: ). thanks!


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