Sun Burst: Arrange Labels outside of outer most layer or to the left but not center


FYI - applying both bug and feature label as it might match both.

When there are rather long labels they are overlapping other shells of the sun burst chard. Since there is currently no CSS support, I believe it would be best to have them aligned left / right respectively starting at inside and expanding outwards.


For inner shells, in I’d suggest to add overlay hidden as a precaution as well. Upon hover the tool tipis displayed revealing the full label. That approach might also be an option for the initially described issue too.


Hi @mwiegand and thank you for sharing your feedback,

We already have String Format Manager and Number Foramt Manager nodes by which you can handle string/number formatting in views. Currently, the formatting is visible in the Table View but we have a ticket to apply it to all new KNIME Views (UIEXT-1680).

I hope this feature will address the problem here?