Sunburst Chart: Add Aggregation Option Sum, Avg/Median


I have calculated the AOV of categories but noticed that the Sunburst still calculates the sum for the inner shells. Only the outer most are not aggregated.


Hence, I’d like to suggest to add an option to either sum or calculate the avg/median.


Hi @mwiegand ,

do you have an example use case? I do not understand yet, why the sunburst chart would be a suitable choice in such a scenario. Visually the outer slices add up to the inner slice. Thus sum appears to be the natural aggregation method in a sunburst chart.

HI @nan,

the scenario here is to conveniently show the average / media distribution of i.e. the AOV of a product across different sales channels and their categories. If for each channel and their respective categories thee AOV is a total, it’s defying thee charts purpose.

The advantages of a sunburst over any other chart are:

  1. Filtering of smaller segments
  2. Complex visualization (three dimensions and maybe even more) in one chart
  3. Relative share very easy understood compared to bar chart which I’d use to display the share over time