Sunburst Chart Example - Visualizing the Titanic deaths

What is a Sunburst Chart? A Sunburst Chart displays categorical features through a hierarchy of rings. Each ring is sliced according to the nominal values in the corresponding feature and to the selected hierarchy. This is a powerful chart for multivariate analysis. This workflow shows the functionality of the sunburst chart. Here we visualize the well known Titanic Data Set from the Kaggle Challenge. The sunburst chart here is used to visually inspect the ratio between class, gender and survival. Right click the component and select "Execute and Open Views". Mouseover the sunburst. Enable selection on top of Sunburst by selecting the ticked checkbox symbol and click on Sunburst. To save your in-view interaction use "Apply" and "Close" in the View lower right corner. To open the Component: Right click > Component > Open This same workflow can be executed on the KNIME WebPortal as a remotely accessible guided analytics application.

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