Sunburst chart not subscribed to Table View selection

In the attached example workflow I have a component in which I use: 2 Interactive Value Filter Widget, a Table View and a Sunburst Chart. The Table View and Sunburst Chart are correctly subscribed to the 2 filters as desired. Nevertheless it seems that the Sunburst Chart does not highlight according to the row selected in the Table View as I would like to. I double checked that the “publish selection event” in the Table View is selected, as also the “enable subscription of selection” in the Sunburst Chart. Is this a bug or am I missing something?
Any suggestion/help is welcome.

sunburst_not_subscribed.knar.knwf (141.0 KB)

Hello @gcincilla ,

sorry for the late reply!
Only for clarification, is this correct that you would like to select a target in the table to make the sunburst chart to show all the options but in the same time to highlight that only one what you have selected before in the Table View node?


Hello @dora_gcs,
Thanks for your reply. That’s exactly what I would like to do. Is it possible? I thought that the “enable subscription of selection” in the Sunburst Chart was designed exactly for this purpose. Am I wrong?

Hello @gcincilla ,

yes, you are right it should work. It seems that there is a regression in 4.6.x versions since it works in 4.5.1.
Which AP version you are currently running?

We opened a ticket to investigate this issue (the internal reference number is: UIEXT-544) You can follow up whether the fix is implemented in the future releases or not in our changelog.

Here is the results what I got in 4.5.1. (It is not so fancy as the sectors to be highlighted are quite smalls.)

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Hi @dora_gcs,
Thank you for confirming it’s a regression and for opening a ticket. Indeed I’m using AP v4.6.1. Hopefully it will be solved soon.
Have a great day!

Hi @gcincilla ,

I have to correct myself it is a bug indeed not a regression, because in 4.5.1 it works only with limitation, meaning if you select a row and apply that selection and open it again it will fail.

Sorry for the confusion.

Have a nice day!


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