Sunburst chart

Hello everybody,

I have a table:

I want to make a sunburst chart : first circle will show total data per service,
The second cercle will show the gender data. For every service we have data for Women and Men.

I tried to use sunburst node but it returns me only one attribute : only services. Here the result.

My idea is to show a doubled donner chart that shows both ( 2 cercles) services and gender data.

Any ideas how to realise this viz in KNIME?

Thank you and have a nice week end

Have you read the documentation for the Sunburst Chart Node?

There are specific requirements for the data structure, and your table doesn’t seem to satisfy them.

There needs to be a hierarchy:

This can be created by unpivoting.

Then you’ll get something like this with the sunburst chart:

If you’d like the ring positions to be swapped, then you’d need to change the order of the columns before they get to the Sunburst Chart node.


@elsamuel I am so grateful for your help, you can’t imagine. I did it and I understood the procedure. Thank you very much. Wish you all the best!


I’m glad it helped. Can you mark this thread as solved?

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