Sunburst - Possible not to sort?


I am trying to use sunburst chart for a project. By default the segments are sorted in size but I would like to keep the original row order. Is this possible?

Otherwise it would be a nice option.


Hi @zioludo,

At the moment, it is NOT possible to order segments other than their sizes in sunburst chart. There is an advantage of having the segments sorted by their size. Having the tiny segments in one place, at each level, helps to focus in the significant slices and makes the chart easier to understand. This is common among other tools such as excel.



Thanks Temesgen!

I totally understand the reason behind but in my case I need to be exhaustive and it would have been better keeping segmented sorted .

Let me explain: in my workflow I am twisting sunburst chart to assign clusters to data considering multiple variables at the same time (like a decision tree with always the same criteria at the same level)… so having each level in a given order, regardless of segment size makes me assign clusters See example (I use an empty column to separate the input variables in my assignment to the clusters).

Any suggestion of other nodes to display the same thing or automating cluster assignment would be great (now I am writing rules with RuleEngine … tested K-Means to make clusters but not too happy with results).


Hi Ludovico,

Do I get it right that you are not actually interested in the visualization but the assignment of a cluster to each data point and the clustering has to be done with a certain set of variables at each level?

Can you please share and example workflow showing what you have done with RuleEngine? If not an example scenario showing the input and intended output would be helpful.


Hello Temesgen,

Where can I send the workflow and sample data privately?


Hi Ludovico,

I would rather not have your real data.

Can you make your case with some toy dataset? I only want to see an example how you are applying a rule engine and try to come up with a suggestion, if I could.


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