Sunburst visualization problem

Hello Knime team,

I am using Knime 4.4.1, and I have a problem with Sunburst chart - similar issue was described here: Sunburst Chart Clustering

The problem is that one of the category is represented in a very granular way (outer circle), while the values are actually the same.

At the post I mentioned there were no further discussion, so I have prepared the workflow and data that can reproduce the problem. I also managed to make a workaround, however this is solution is not perfect, since I got aggregated values, and the order of the grouping on the diagram was changed.
Sunburst_example.knwf (39.8 KB)

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Hey Artem,

the problem here is, that the sunburst chart expects the input data to be in a specific format.
If you don’t include this last value column the chart takes each of the individual entries as a separate leaf node.

One solution to your problem might be to just group the input table by its leaf nodes and count the occurrences of those. I have attached a workflow which does this. Does this solve your problem or did I miss something?

Sunburst_example.knar.knwf (39.8 KB)



Thank you Daniel,

This approach helped, so I consider this as the solution. However it looks very clunky to me, so I really hope this node can be improved in the future releases.

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