Supervised Image Segmentation (experimental) - Unable to Download nightly plugins

Dear Friends,

This is reference to the experimental supervised image mining workflow by Christian Dietz,

I am unable to download the nightly plugins for the workflow from the site

Getting the message

403 Forbidden
You don’t have permission to access this resource.

Can some one guide me. I am using an older version of knime, could this be an issue

Good wishes

Hi @Raja_Sengupta,

This is expected, as this url is not meant for browsing. Instead follow this guide: Extensions and Integrations Guide

and add the update site in the install new software dialog:

Then you should see the extension as well. Be aware that extensions from the nightly community update site will in many cases only work in the latest version of KNIME AP (4.7.0) in this case. Installing unsupported extensions may result in a broken AP installation!


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Many thanks @gab1one . I was using an older version of KNIME and that must have been the issue

Good wishes

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