Support for Groovy

hello, i would like to do some data manipulation using the JVM-compatible language groovy ( Therefore i specified the groovy-all-1.7.0.jar as additional library in the java snippet node. in theory this should work without problem but i cannot even fire up the code because of the code validation of the node. hence, i would like to ask how i could possibly get groovy code running within knime? many thanks for any answer, andreas

Hi, Are you trying to run groovy syntax right in the java snippet node? This won't work as this needs to be plain java code. (You could, theoretically, wrap your groovy code in a java string and process it with the groovy interpreter but that's all.) We have prototypical scripting nodes in our "experimental" code repository, supporting groovy, ruby and some of the other remaining "standard" java scripting languages. Contact me if you want to have a quick peek. But then again, it's experimental and not actively maintained! Thanks, Bernd


Could I please get access to the prototypical scripting nodes in the experimental code repository as well?  I need something that will support ruby on rails.




For all I know there's also a Groovy community node, which may even be actively maintained - not by the KNIME core team, tho. I'd check it but I'm on the iPhone right now, for which the KNIME sites could be better optimised, by the way. :-) E