Support for linux ppc64el servers


Are there any plans to support this cpu architecture?
If there aren’t, how can I recompile everything? The dev kit seems to be only for developing new modules.

KNIME itself is pure Java therefore there is no need to recompile anything. However, afaik there is no Eclipse distribution (on which KNIME is based) for ppc64el. Therefore it's not possible to run KNIME on this platform.

I found something about Eclipse on ppc:

Ubuntu 16.04 ppc64el already has eclipse 3.8 packages, is that not enough to run knime?

But we are using Eclipse 4.6!

Ok, I downloaded the ppc64le eclipse 4.6.1 SDK from

I followed the instructions in up to the step of setting the target platform but nothing happens, I can't run or debug the application.

Do I have to import the projects in knime-core repo too?