Support for LongValue type


currently I'm working with data containing columns that exceed the range supported by the IntValue type. Despite the fact that there is a type LongValue I noticed that the support is very limited even by the standard nodes, e.g.

  • the "Table Creator" node does not support columns with type LongValue
  • the "Number to String" node is handling values defined as LongValue as if they were of type DoubleValue, i.e. 1385294400000 is converted to "1.3852944E12"

I found a forum post ( dating from 2008 that addresses the issue. Are there any plan to fully support type LongValue?



Hi Bjorn, 

I agree that this isn't perfect, but you can use the String Manipulation node and the function toLong($colref$) to create a Long cell from a string.  Also, you can switch back to a nicer string than what you see above by using string($LongCol$.toString()) in the string manipulation node as well. 

Regards, Aaron


Hi Aaron,

thanks very much for your hint! I wasn't aware of the String Manipulation node yet. This makes things a lot easier indeed.