Support for PROXY ?

Dear All,
I'm behind a firewall with proxy authentication. Usually all KNIME nodes work appropriately, for example I can use the Palladian WebSearcher node without problems. However, the GET resource delivers a "", typical behaviour of an application that is trying to access directly the target url without using the proxy.

I've also tried "ini" trick of modifying knime.ini adding


and restarting knime ... again the Palladian WebSearcher work well while KREST GET fails with the "" error.

Looking forward your reply / instructions / corrections ?





The PROXY suppport for the palladian nodes is relatively new and works fine. I can confirm this, but I wonder why this does not work with KREST nodes. I habe no problems with the proxies.


Therefore I attached a very simple workflow for the Chembl Webservices that uses the KREST nodes.

I have the following preferences in the menu "File -> Preferences -> Network Connections":

  • Active Provider = Manual
  • HTTP activated with host user credentials
  • HTTPS activated with host user credentials
  • SOCKS activated
  • Proxy bypass for localhost and

That works fine !


Greetings, Frank



Thankyou for your prompt and detailed followup and for providing details and test workflow.
My settings were slightly different and namely as Active Provider I had "Native".

Apparently, that is sufficient and appropriate for some nodes of knime but not for palladian.

Anyhow, as soon as I switched to "Manual" and then appropriately configured them, then also my workflow worked well.

Thankyou and compliments

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