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In my workflow there is a Missing Value node that only handles missing values in nominal columns. I want the other columns to be unchanged even if there is an empty cell.
Unfortunately, when I run the workflow and notify People via E-Mail that the workflow executed, all these People will see the warning that there are still missing values in some tables.

Is there a way that can be changed?

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There is currently no way to suppress warnings in the email notification. Still, there is already a ticket open to implement this, and I will add your request to it!


Thank you very much :slight_smile:

As a Workaround you could use the Column Splitter Node (Type Selection Tab) and replace the missing values only for the “String Output Port” of the Column Splitter Node. After that you can re-join the columns with the Column Appender.


any news from this ticket?

Hi there!

this is supported now, you can activate and deactivate it in the scheduling.



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