Survey Monkey Data Pull

Hello, I am very new to KNIME so please forgive my ignorance. There are 4 reports on my companies Survey monkey account that is needing to have the data pulled and put into its respective excel file. Is there a way to do it through KNIME? If so how do I do it. 


A screen shot and walk through would be most helpful. Teach a man to fish kind of thing. 

Hi THercamp,

This seems to be an interesting use case!

If I've understood correctly, the idea would be first to read the data available in the reports generated by Survey Monkey in KNIME Analytics Platform and then write those data in an EXCEL file, right?

As far as I can see on the Survey Monkey website, Survey Monkey provides a REST API interface ( I guess you can use that one to export the results of the surveys, read them in KNIME Analytics Platform, and finally write them in an EXCEL file.

We do not have an example workflow that shows this specific use case, but you might have a look at the "Will they Blend" series available in the KNIME Blog ( There you can find some examples that shows how to communicate with other applications by using REST API interfaces, e.g.

Hope that helps!



Looking into this as well, perhaps I can post findings here in the near future. :)