SVG default cell size?

Is it possible to configure the default cell size of a cell containing an SVG image?

By default the images are rendered tiny and when looking at the table resizing always required. PNGs work better here as they are shown on their actual size.

If it’s not possible, having this feature available would help a lot.

Hi @beginner -

Just to be clear, are you referring to the way images are presented in a table, e.g. the results of the Read Images node, like this?


My images here are presented with the same size, regardless of their file extension. But maybe you are referring to images presented in the output from a different node?

Just wanting to make sure I understand your issue before I pass it on. Thanks!

Hi Scott,

yes display in table.

I did a short check and indeed if I use list files node + Read images even pngs are displayed small. In my use case I generate the images in python (seaborn), write them to a temp dir and read them into knime with Files to Binary Object followed by Binary Object To PNG. Then they are shown in actual size in the table.

The SVG-use case is simply me changing the same python code to output svg directly as string into knime table and then use String to SVG node. Then the images are small and need to be resized every time when looking at them.

A workaround to manual resizing columns is the JS Table View Node.

I think having a setting for this (like for the chemical structure image sizes) would be nice. Also AFAIK svgs can also contain a default size and they could be rendered at that size if it is present.

EDIT: hence these default size settings would be good for any images since in my case I only saw a difference due to the way the pngs are loaded (from binary object).


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