SVG dynamic plot within Report does not render correctly

I have a simple workflow, it reads in data froma CSV file displays an image using the JavaScript Line Plot node and then sends the SVG image to the image to Report node so that it can used in a report.

The image seems to be generated correctly within the workflow but does not render correctly in the report.

The instructions on the Image to Report node indicate that two things need to be done in order for SVG images to be rendered correctly. I have added the "KNIME.enableSVGImagesInPDF(reportContext)" command in the Script tab.

However after embedding the dynamic image within the report and eslecting the image, the Property Editor does not display "Propery Editor - Image" but "Property Editor - Data", that is why I have not been able to set the "Type Expression" for the image to "image/svg+xml".

When I embed a static image I do see the Property Editor - Image settings.

What do I need to do to get the report to recognize the embedded dynamic image as an image and not just a blob of data?.

-- Scott

Solution as attachment.


Thanks Marc, this solution is not at all obvious and should be better documented.

To summarize, instead of dragging the reference to the image from the Data set view (where the image, referenced as "Image" ) is clearly indicated, you must

- place an Image from the Report Items on to the report

- define it as a dynamic image 

- select image data, from button

- choose the data set from the drop down

- select the image (to define the expression to insert)

- select insert.

Then, fill in the type expression with the "image/svg+xml" MIME type information.

Thanks again for your help, 



Hey Scott,

that's exactly how it is meant to be.

Have a nice day!