SVG retrieval failed: Error retrieving image:Chrome driver + Interactive View

Hello Community,


Everytime I like to start an output like a Bar Chart or other I’m receiving this error. Also when I try to start the Java Views, they open and close immeadiatly.

Last time it was ok to set the Browerserdirectory, but now, nothing changed.
I’m using KNIME 4.1.1 on Windows 10.

I changed back to “Internal SWT Browser”, now it’s possible to open Java Script Views again. But the picture error still persists.

Hi @sven-abx,
have you tried with “Bundled Headless Chromium (version 78)” option?

If you don’t need to generate the SVG version of the view, but only show the view itself, you can uncheck the “Generate image” option in node settings.

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