SVM class doesnt correspond with class probability


I have a probem: sometimes when using LibSVM classifier for two-class problems I get odd restults, eg:


Prob Active | Prob Not Active | SVM Class

0.920 | 0.079 | Not active


High Prob Active suggest that compound should have class Active, while it has calculated class Not active.


Is it ok?


best wishes,


That sounds odd, I haven't seen this happen before.  Can you post an example workflow demonstrating this behavior?




(un)fortunatelly I can't reproduce the problem. Maybe it is becouse I've upgraded to KNIME 2.8. Nevertheless I will have my eyes open and report any inconsistency.



I still have this problem from time to time. Unfortunatelly I can't create a simple workflow to reproduce the results as data is the property of the company.


On this example, the probability to be BBB+ class is 1, while the winner class is BBB- (marked red).