Swagger Generated API definition issue

We are currently using the Swagger generated API to interact with our workflow on the Knime Server.

We are using the API with Azure API management. To create the API definition, we are downloading the swagger generated OpenAPI link.

Screen Shot 2021-08-13 at 2.03.40 PM

However, this definition does not directly work when given to the Azure API management as an OpenAPI definition.

When we inspect it with Swaggerhub smartbear, we see the following warnings.


To resolve the issue at the moment, we are manually removing the subsections named SendMailAction, SaveReportAction and CallWorkflowAction. After this, we can load in the OpenAPI definition into Azure API management.

Our question is that, is there an issue with the Swagger generated API definition? It seems odd that Swagger itself finds an issue with the API it generated.

As an additional note, the Post APIs in the Swagger defined OpenAPI definition do not work when we call the endpoint on Azure API management. Is there any potential issues with the Swagger generated definitions for the post methods? All the equivalent Get methods work.

Hi @vsung,

I’ve asked some people to look at the Swagger internally and can see what they say, but SendMailAction SaveReportAction and CallWorkflowActions are warnings in Swagger not errors per se. Importing the Swagger works in most other tools like SOAP UI and PostMan. It might be worth checking with the Azure API users as well.

Wali Khan

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