SWIFT Messages

Does anyone make use of SWIFT message files in their audits with frequency?

I came across a few macros in Excel to parse the messages and, unsatisfied with them, I started to explore doing it in KNIME. It seems to work fine at least in breaking down the different tags.

It would be good to know if that is a common challenge and hear different perspectives.

I dug around a bit on this to see if I can find previous discussion on the forum, or the KNIME Community Hub. I gather this isn’t something that has been talked about much before here.

Do you have an anonymized example of a SWIFT file you could upload here, just for others who (like me) might be unfamiliar with the format?

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Would be happy to look into this, @toscano . As @ScottF mentions, an anonymized example of the file is needed for people to help you out. And I’d also appreciate if you could provide an example of how the final output table structure should look like - a dummy table is fine.

Hi @badger101, thanks for the willingness to help. Unfortunately we do not have anonymized data that we can share (partially to do with the complexity of the file).

At this point, I am more interested if this is a common challenge for others in the IA Group and hear their perspectives and perhaps ideas.