Switching to Classic UI gives almost blank UI

Not quite certain what happened but when I wanted to switch to Classsic UI I was prompted, still in Modern UI, I guess with a dialogue to search for missing extensions which I denied.

Closing and opening Knime once more resulted in all prev. opened workflows being completely closed / not available as tabs anymore in the Classic UI.

PS: I was able to reproduce it. The modal asked to save a workflow which I denied. Upon switching the UI the issue occurred.

PPS: I also reproduced it when confirming to save changes.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Modern UI and a workflow
  2. Make an adjustment
  3. Switch to Classic UI
  4. When prompted to save changes, deny

Actual results:

Expected results:


240625 Knime Classic UI issues - Ticket 80643.txt (345.9 KB)

Windows 11

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Thank you @mwiegand,

The first switch from MUI to classic UI closes all open editor tabs. This is known and expected atm.

Is this what you reported or am I missing something?

It also happened during sub-sequent switches. I am testing back and forth continuously but trying to focus on Modern UI.

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PS: Since I am stuck with another issue where opening a workflow never completes, I downloaded the archive containing the full version. After importing preferences using Classic UI, I tried switching back to Modern UI and experienced a total white screen.

Knime is still running, though, Attached also the threddump:

280701 Knime Modern UI Blank Screen threaddump-1719816186878.tdump.txt (79.3 KB)

Hi @mwiegand,

Was it resolved after restarting AP or it always starts in the blank page?

It was resolved and I am not able to reproduce it any longer. Assuming it’s somehow related to importing preferences eventually in combination with having a workflow open.

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Dear @mwiegand,

I moved the topic to feedback & ideas so, in case you could reproduce it again you can provide more details here.

Thank you!