Switching two/moving block of rows in one node?

Is there a simple way (e.g. via Java Snippet or a node I haven't noticed yet) to exchange the order/position of two rows, alt move a block of rows? If not, could this be considered as a future new node?

I often have the scenario when manually creating tables (especially chemical structure ones), that I want I would like to move a row further up/down or switch two rows around.

In order to do so, I have to row split and re-concatenate the row(s) in several steps, depending on the order I want to achieve. Another is to do a manual enumeration table and sorting.

All these feel like tedious work-arounds compared to a node where I could state:

Move Row 10 to Row 2, leave all else in place

Switch Row 10 and Row 11

I wouldn't even mind a block such as Row 101- 115 move to End or move to 55

I admit, I have never figured out how to properly use Interactive Highlighting or whatever it is called. In my world I'd think I could label several rows or columns and mark them future splitting or something of that sort (would help if you can't remember the row-numbers in above scenario). But maybe that's not what it's for.




Nothing? Noone? 

Hi Docminus,

how about a Rule Engine plus a Sorter, would this work?

You could use the rule engine to generate a number.

For the switching I would do the following:


$$ROWINDEX$$ = 11 => 12
$$ROWINDEX$$ = 12 => 11

Than you can sort on this value and you're done.

Cheers, Iris