SWT / NodeDialogPane


is it possible to place SWT elements in the dialoge pane? I tried it with

protected SequencesNodeDialog() {
Canvas canvas = new Canvas();
this.addTab(“Test”, canvas);
Display display = Display.getDefault();
Shell shell = SWT_AWT.new_Shell(display, canvas);
Button swtButton = new Button(shell, SWT.PUSH);
swtButton.setText(“SWT Button”);

but I get the IllegalArgumentException: Argument not valid [peer not created], because the underlying dialog panel (which keeps the tabbed pane) isn’t connected to a native screen resource.

Thanks in advance for answers.

For historical reasons the content of the NodeDialogPane has to be Swing. And unfortunately it is not possible to use SWT components in it, since the NodeDialogPane is not derived from java.awt.Component but adds a java.awt.Component to a javax.swing.JTabbedPane. Thus, the passed Component is created before the referring Window is created…