Sync depencencies between client and hub

I was wondering if there was a way to sync installed extension between your local Knime Analytics Platform and an instance of Knime Business Hub without having to manually install every extension of both platforms

Hi @marcandavi2, and welcome to the Community!

I totally agree, that would be a huge help. Right now, this not easily possible, as there is the step required to build a docker image from which the executor is spun up—and the extensions you need, need to be defined in this docker image.

We are, however, working on a solution that let’s you scan a space on the Hub for the extensions needed by the workflows. The Execution Context Dockerfile Builder can do something similar already. The new data app will then call the image builder service in KNIME Business Hub 1.10 to create the executor image with the extensions required. I’ll update this thread as soon we have something to show!

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Small update: You’ll find the data app that let’s you select extensions and makes them available on a business hub here: Executor Image Builder – KNIME Community Hub :tada:

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