Sync KNIME Desktop and KNIME Server version in the future?

Hi KNIME developers,

I was wondering if you could change the versioning system to allow an easier match between KNIME Desktop and KNIME Server by the version number. Over the years this has always caused trouble for endusers. Since the KNIME Server version should also match the Executor version running this would clarify it more.

The KNIME Server version 4.12.2 matches the KNIME Executor (aka KNIME Desktop) version 4.3.2.
The people need to know it is 4.12. and not 4.11. or 4.10.
If the server version would be 4.12.2 and the Executor version 4.12.2, it would be clear right away, that they belong together.

I am sure you thougth that through already and i would like to know your reasons :slight_smile:


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Hi Lars,

there are no plans to sync version numbers of KNIME Analytics Platform and KNIME Server as they are different products. Roadmaps are planned differently and major version bumps (e.g. 4.x to 5.0) might happen at different times.

However, we are currently thinking of solutions to make the end user’s life easier - for instance - by adding additional checks when a user tries to update. I will keep you posted when there is more to announce.




Hey @laval,

In case you don’t have the link already, there are Server - KNIME Executor and Server - Analytics Platform compatibility matrices available here:




Thanks a lot @julian.bunzel for the explanation

and @sjporter ja, thank you I know it, I was just hoping there is a way to avoid to show that in the future if talking about the versions :slight_smile: