System hangs when I switch from one KNIME workspace to another


I seem to encounter a problem. I notice that my computer system hangs,repeately, when I switch from one workspace to another after logging into KNIME. The KNIME version is 5.2.

Is there a way of clearing it so that I do not encounter the problem again. Or do I need to re-install KNIME.



Hi @PKRISH and thank you for reporting this issue.

Could you provide more details please? Does KNIME AP restart after switching workspace and you can see the “Home” page? or it doesn’t load?
Does this happen when you start KNIME AP manually with any of the workspaces?

Hi Armin.

Thanks for your effort to help. I started KNIME. I had to switch workspace and hence selected the option on the right hand top corner. The KNIME screen closes and subsequently the screen goes blank. Despite numerous starts, it worked out the same.

I subsequently re-installed KNIME and now it is working fine.



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I’m glad that the problems is solved.
If you encounter this issue again, please let us know. I’m still curious how it happened in the previous installation.

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