System Requirements for Knime Server Installation


What are the system requirements in terms of cpu, ram, disk space, etc for Knime Server?

Is it necessary to install something additional to the machine to run Knime Server?

Is there a problem if Knime Server is installed on a Virtual Machine or we have the need to have phisic hardware?

I already try to find that information on knime website but I can't find it anywhere.

Can somebody help with this question?

Thanks in advance.


Joana Dias

Optimum hardware selection depends a lot on your application.  A server that is only used to share workflows between a few users will run fine on most VMs whereas if remote execuction is going to be called by many users having fast dedicated hardware will become more important.  Internally, we have Virtualbox VMs and Amazon Cloud instances that we use for demos and testing, as well as a dedicated box that we use for heavier applicatioins. 


The rule of thumb would be, very roughly, <the resources that you have in a KNIME Deskop application to get a specific level of performance> x <the number of concurrent users>.  



I am searching for Knime Server Installation Giude on Ubuntu 12.10 LTS. Can anyone please help me to get the document...?

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Hi Aaron,

your comments above are very useful, thank you. We’re looking at upgrading our physical server before installing the new KNIME server on it. We want to avoid cloud options for now…
I know you said above that the selection depends on our application and you gave a rough rule of thumb for resources. But is there any chance that you could provide a rough idea of the spec you use at KNIME for your dedicated box and how many concurrent users it serves? Our IT are asking for specifics (Currently we’ve got ~30 users and the KNIME server sits on a 16 x CPU, 64GB RAM machine and users are often complaining about workflows on the webportal being too slow…