System requirements for the KNIME?

What are the minimum and recommended system requirements (cpu, memory, hard disc etc.) for the KNIME Desktop?

Thanks in advance

KNIME requires a reasonably modern PC running Linux, Windows (XP and later), or Max OSX. Sophisticated graphics hardware is not needed, multi core systems a plus as KNIME makes use of multiple cores. The available hard drive space (NOT main memory) limits the amount of processable data - several tens GB free space are recommended. Main memory should be 1GB or above, on 32bit systems up to 1.5GB can be used, more on 64bits systems.

On the Mac Leopard (10.5) or Snow Leopard (10.6) is required with 64 bit support (Core 2 Duo or later).

Thank you very much for your reply.

What if I have 1 million rows of data?  Would I need a PC with more memory (i.e. 32GB)?

No, you don't. KNIME caches everything onto disk as soon as your data table reaches a certain size, the default is 100'000 cells that need into memory (this option can be changed in the knimi.ini). However, if it comes to data analytics where build predictive models you might want to increase your heap. In order to monitor the current heap space we recommend using the 'heap status monitor' from the Preferences > General.

Thanks for the response.  In your opinion, do you think this desktop config is sufficient for my processing needs, given that the hard drive space can be increased?


Looks sufficient for a nice KNIME "Desktop" :)